PROFIT’s best 50 small companies in Canada

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Attracting and retaining good people is good business. Engaging those people is even better business—way better.

Engaged employees are those dream staffers who not only do good work every day, but also go above and beyond the call of duty without being asked, search for better ways to do their jobs, collaborate with others to benefit the business, recommend their company to jobseekers and are loyal to their employer.

Research shows that if you build a highly engaged workforce, a company is far more likely to enjoy higher growth rates and shareholder returns, with lower absenteeism and voluntary turnover, than companies with only moderately engaged workers.

But unlike other areas of HR that favour big companies and their big budgets, high engagement can be achieved by companies of any size. Case in point: the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada profiled on, whose tactics and strategies prove that the organizations need not be huge to be world-class workplaces.

Produced by AonHewitt and the Queen’s School of Business Centre for Business Venturing in partnership with PROFIT Magazine and, the Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada program ranks participating companies by their employee-engagement scores and other factors, as measured by surveys of each firm’s employees, HR team and executives. The program is open to companies with 50 to 399 Canadian employees. More information about the program is available at

Watch for full coverage of the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada in the March issue of PROFIT and online at, in early February 2013.

Read who is in the top 50 here.

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