Partner Education

Making the argument for wellness

Whether it's a fitness assessment or workplace vaccination campaign, these reports will help you get buy-in on health initiatives in the workplace.

Help your clients break free of Financial Inertia


Discover new tools designed to help your clients – big or small – overcome their financial inertia and get them moving.

Timing matters

It’s no secret that small business owners are busy people. So, how do you spot ...

Key questions and answers to prospects


Asking the right questions upfront or giving a convincing answer will help you guide ...

Specialize in small

In 2012, there were 1.2 million small businesses in Canada with more than one ...

Six issues on the minds of your small business clients


Are Canadian small business owners more concerned with increasing revenue or gaining access to capital? ...

Simple and effective – Plan for life™, the new face of retirement planning.


Sponsored by: In September, The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada launched a revamped Plan for ...



Your value proposition and what it's worth



________________________________________________________________ Years ago, when I was presenting group retirement solutions to company owners, ...

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