Advisor Q&A: How do you build client trust?

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In Advisor Q&A, one of our editors asks experienced advisors for their thoughts on a topical question related to the small group benefit and pension industry.

This week’s question is: How do you build client trust?

  • “Be dependable, do what you say, take responsibility, work hard for your client, offer resources without compensation, fiercely protect confidence, and exceed expectations.”
    Herb Goedecke, president & CEO, AERO Corporate Benefits
  • “To build trust with a client this takes time. You have to be honest and act with integrity. If they know you are working for them and in their corner, they will believe and trust you. Having a client trust and believe you is the biggest compliment you can get as an advisor. It’s what you should strive for.”
    Michael Horne, partner, Carleton Financial Group
  • “Be honest. Be knowledgeable. Put the client needs ahead of your own. Listen to them, ask questions and listen to the answers, provide information and above all else be consultative rather than a sales-focused order taker.”
    Dave Patriarche, Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc.
  • “I believe trust building has a lot to do with the ability to focus on other people. As a benefits advisor, I find I am most successful when I focus, first, on finding out what my client wants and then doing my best to show them how we can achieve it. Showing that I understand their problem before solving it goes much further than directly solving it.”
    Peter Demangos, managing director, PDF Financial Group Inc.
  • “Tell them the truth at all times. Even if it hurts, deliver on your promises and never be late for a meeting. Buying doughnuts helps too!”
    Sam Bruno, life insurance and employee benefits specialist,Underwriters Insurance Brokers

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