Investor education initiatives to leverage

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Through its Investor Education Committee, the Canadian Securities Administrators launched several initiatives over the last couple years.

In a 2017 activity report, the CSA lists the following projects that were launched to help investors.

  • a marketing campaign that promoted the National Registration Search and how it can used to check on an advisor’s registration and background.
  • the forming of a binary options committee in 2015 to figure out how to curb, if not stop, those types of financial scams. As the report says, “Across Canada, securities regulators have noted an alarming increase in reports of binary options fraud. A handful of reports in 2014 became dozens in 2015, and hundreds in 2016, with estimated losses growing from thousands into millions.”
  • Animated CRM2 explainer videos.

The CSA also lists initiatives that were launched in specific jurisdictions. For example, the report says, “This year, the British Columbia Securities Commission launched its Take a Look campaign, encouraging British Columbians to pay attention to the fees they pay for investment products and advice.” Meanwhile, regulators in Alberta focused on fraud prevention and the OSC launched websites like and

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