Our volunteer organization comprises of experienced professionals and business owners, having diverse backgrounds and possessing a broad range of resources and skills. We take these into account in forming a well-balanced team of advisors for our clients to offer the best kind of services and advice.

Volunteers prospecting to join should take note of the following:

  • Having a bachelor or master’s degree in a business-related degree is much appreciated.
  • Business-related experience is preferred (most especially in managing a small-to-medium business)
  • May specialize in a specific area or business-related skill or topic.
  • Has attended seminars, conferences or certification courses relating to business.
  • Has the ability to multitask on duties, strong communication and interpersonal skills; able to communicate well with fellow members and clients, prompts insights with questions and challenges customers to do their best. Available whenever needed and is accessible through either email or phone.
  • Required participation of client consultations with feasible recommendations and proposals are provided to clients for their businesses.
  • Readily available when member’s meetings are to be held.
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills are a must; able to provide analysis on problems or points, and reports that present necessary solutions and directions.
  • Capable of using software programs in aiding with tasks and duties.